CMA Update
Date: 6th September, 2018

The Caribbean Marine Association (CMA) was set up in 2005 to join together all the Marine Association from the various islands in the Eastern Caribbean and it was very effective in responding to the APIS crisis of 2007/08.  

It, subsequently, was partly responsible, along with CCLEC (Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council) and the OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) for setting up the on-line yacht clearance system,  In fact, it was the CMA which initially registered the web name and passed it to CCLEC.  SailClear is gradually expanding its reach throughout the Caribbean but still has issues with certain islands, specifically French and US where they are reluctant to share data.

The CMA was also responsible for tackling the continued sale of TBT based paints in the Caribbean which had been banned from sale in the US but not from sale in the Caribbean.  Although difficult to monitor, TBT no longer appears for sale in most chandleries and marine paint shops.

More recently and, perhaps, tenuously, the CMA backed the founding up of the British Caribbean Pensioners Association -, an organisation set up to fight the U.K. government over the way it freezes the pensions of British pensioners who have moved to mainly former British colonies in the Caribbean.  Why did the CMA get involved?  Not only is it an unjust and grossly unfair practise but the CMA is interested because many of these pensioners originally arrived in the Caribbean on yachts and have worked in and/or supported the Caribbean marine industry.

Unfortunately, lack of funds means that the CMA has become a re-active organisation rather than pro-active.  It re-acts to problems rather than seeks out ways to improve the yachting and marine industry in the Caribbean.  Sustainable funding would be of considerable benefit but seems to be unattainable.

CMA Update
Date: 6th September, 2018
Caribbean Marine Association Today

TBT Sales Prosecuted
Date: 9th October, 2014
Executives of Sea Hawk Paints, Florida, plead guilty to selling banned TBT paints and are heavily fined.

Monserrat joins the CMA
Date: 23rd January, 2014
The CMA expands further with the addition of Montserrat to its membership


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