New Association
Date: 16th September, 2013

The newly formed Martinique Yachting Association (MYA) has become the ninth Eastern Caribbean country to join the Caribbean Marine Association and the first of the French islands.

The MYA was formed in July this year under the Presidency of Douglas Rapier, a well known yacht agent in Martinique. One of the first actions of the newly formed association was to make an application to join the CMA.

Several other islands in the Eastern Caribbean are endeavouring to form marine and yachting associations and the CMA hopes to be soon welcoming them on board.

With the expansion of, actively supported by the CMA, freer movement between participating islands makes collaboration through the CMA essential to the well being of the Caribbean yachting industry.  Already operating throughout most of the OECS countries (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States), it is hope that will also be accepted by the French and Dutch islands.

CMA Update
Date: 6th September, 2018
Caribbean Marine Association Today

TBT Sales Prosecuted
Date: 9th October, 2014
Executives of Sea Hawk Paints, Florida, plead guilty to selling banned TBT paints and are heavily fined.

Monserrat joins the CMA
Date: 23rd January, 2014
The CMA expands further with the addition of Montserrat to its membership


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